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2012~ Present


2012.06. Established LEEHWA IND co.,Ltd
2013.04. Completed Yongin Headquarters
2013.09. Acquired exporter’s certificate of origin(Korean-EU FTA)
2014.04. Established R&D center
2014.10. Industry-educational subscribe(Suwon Hightech High School)


2015.04. Selectd as Clean Factory by KOSHA
2015.04. Established Leehwa America (US subsidiary)
2015.07. Established Leehwa Mexico (Mexican subsidiary)
2015.07. Selectd as Clean Factory by MOEL
2015.10. Designated as a company with alternative military service (Industrial skilled)
2016.08. Built a smart factory
2016.11. Established Leehwa China (Chinese subsidiary)


2017.04. Started CKD logistics packaging business
2017.12. Awarded “5 Million US Dollar Export Tower” (Korea International Trade Association)
2018.03. Started CKD parts assembly business
2018.12. Selected as INNO-BIZ (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2018.12. Established Leehwa India (India subsidiary)


2021.10. Leehwa Russia Corporation will be established
2021.10. Leehwa Indonesia Corporation will be established