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CEO Greeting

As specialized in automobile parts and tray company,
To be the global leader
in the market!

LEEHWA INDUSTRY, Inc. is an engineering company providing rental service and the manufacturer of tray for transportation/storage of customer’s products. We contribute to the automotive industry by designing and developing technology intensive/high value products to enhance usage of existing products and create new product, pursuing customers to focus on lowering production costs. Recognized worldwide in R&D capability and its quality, LEEHWA INDUSTY is taking sustainable and perpetuity growth.

(주)이화산업 대표이사 이승현

The company with unbeatable passion and sprit of innovation

Through continuing learning and training, we innovate in process and enhance capability for employees to create and pioneer our vision.
Fulfilling ‘Society as together’ and ‘Dream’, LEEHWA INDUSTRY promises to contribute with our all employee
in family happiness and good society by settling healthy and advanced company culture. Thank you.