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Equipment parts


It is a representative brand with 2 to 3 times better properties than normal urentan. It is a special functional elastomer with low permanent compression,
good resistance, and consistent shear elasticity in a wide range of temperatures. It is mainly installed in facilities that require wear resistance.

Features and strengths
  • Strong wear resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Longer parts replacement period due to excellent durability
  • Maintain consistence even under harsh conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, and high humidity.
  • Consistency of products in various chemical solvents

Door Stay

Plastic stay for anti-contact trim cover. High heat resistance, high wear resistance and high elasticity make it easy to install and is customized for each car model.

Features and strengths
  • High heat durability
  • Excellent resistance
  • A high of Elongation
  • Custom design for various car model


Press mold is made from Uretan and is used as an equipment part. It is a custom-made product that is used for various purposes in each line,
such as parts settling, packing for leak test, and protective covers.

Features and strengths
  • Prevents abrasion of equipment and components
  • Prevents safety accidents and protects workers
  • Excellent tensile, Elongation, and high heat resistance
  • Personalized development by car type Custom design for various car model